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Hi, I'm Swathi  

I'm a UX designer interested in studying and designing meaningful experiences that define how people interact with technology.
I also dabble in illustration.


Take a look at my work

Task flow.png


Zhiffy is an Online Shopping app with a twist-we based our business on the principle of Reverse Commerce which aims to resell Refurbished items. With Zhiffy, you can get yourself a swanky new gadget while being sustainable!

My Role

I was the responsible for designing the user Experience and Interface for this 8 week project.

Main Goal

Learn how surfers share info about weather and breaks.


The one-stop microtasking app that allows you to make effective use of your time to earn extra bucks!

My Role

I worked on the , User Research, task flow as well as Wireframing of the designs in a group of 7 

Main Goal

To provide effective microtasking solutions to people through an app.

first – 1_edited.jpg


This is an Interaction design project undertaken by me to redesign an existing website under the same name. 

My Role

I worked on the Interface in order to improve the nature of the interactions

Main Goal

The main goal was to improve the user Interface and thereby, the User Experience as well.

My Skills include

UX Design

Content Creation

UI Design

Graphic Design


Content Writing

Nice to meet you!

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